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Minghao Mould can utilize your existing tooling or our technical experience and resources to provide your custom molds.  Through our in-house facility, or one of our select outside tooling associates, we can maintain the flexibility that allows us to match the best combination of capability and capacity to the requirements of any particular tooling project.

We also offer the technical skill and creativity to recommend tooling modifications and design changes in order to maximize your production and minimize product costs. Additionally, tool life will be extended through our in-house maintenance program, further enhancing tool productivity. Minghao has extensive experience with both hard and soft tooling. Soft tools, usually made from an aluminum alloy, may be suggested when parts and production requirements do not justify the expense of hard tooling with a life or capacity that far exceeds the product's production requirements.

Minghao are a professional moulders company specialize in manufacturing:
ice cream box mould, thinwall mould, pallet mould, turn over box mould, plastic chair mould, plastic table mould, pipe fittings mould, office chair mould, dustbin mould, household appliace mould etc.