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Plastic Chair Mould

Plastic Chair Mould

Minghao Mould is a leading plastic chair mould manufacturer in China. We have produced more than 500 sets of chair moulds. We also specialize in the production of gas-assisted transparent PC chair mould. If you need high-quality plastic chair mould, rattan chair mould, office chair mould, beach chair mould, etc., please contact us.

The quality of the chair mould determines the quality of the product. Minghao Mould can provide a complete set of chair injection solutions to ensure the high-quality and efficient completion of your project. The machining process of the chair mould must first consider the choice of steel, and the hardness of the chair mould must be at least HRC33.

Key points of plastic chair mould quality:

  • Cycle, if the weight of the plastic chair is between 1700g-2400g, the cycle time should be 35S-50S.
  • Mould life, most manufacturers will want its life to be 1 million mould times, then how can we guarantee this? The first thing we have to do is to check the hardness of the mould steel and the welded parts of the mould. Minghao usually uses HRC33 steel to make plastic chair moulds.
  • Parting line. We must confirm whether the mould structure design is reasonable while ensuring the accuracy of each processing stage.
  • Wall thickness. The uniform injection and pouring of the product will cause sink marks and affect wall thickness. If the CNC milling is too rough, it will also affect the quality of the chair.
  • Check the stackability. When designing the plastic chair mould, we must analyze the stacking situation and consider the possible deformation of the product.
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