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plastic household mould

plastic household mould

In our daily life, plastic household products can be seen everywhere. With the development of industry, household products made of wood, iron or stainless steel have gradually been replaced by plastic products. Minghao Mould is a professional plastic household mould manufacturer. We provide customers with a complete set of plastic household moulds, such as storage boxes, turnover boxes, plastic chairs, basins, and so on.

Most household products do not have excessive requirements on mould accuracy, wall thickness, appearance, etc. Besides, household products are updated faster, so the requirements for mould life are not very high, so generally choose 718 or P20 steel. We have always paid attention to the anti-deformation control of steel materials during processing.

Minghao is determined to become the world's top household mould supplier in China. We can design moulds and provide high-precision, high-speed injection moulds. In terms of the quality of plastic household mould, Minghao has strong management and quality inspection team of more than 40 people. We have advanced CNC machining and CAD/CAM software in mould design and production.

Minghao produces a total of about 200-300 sets of moulds a year. Our wholesale plastic household moulds are mainly sold to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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