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Two color Mould

Two color Mould

Minghao Mould is a professional two color mould manufacturer in China, export double color mould, and provide multi-color moulding services! The two color mould has strict requirements for the entire processing process of the mould, and needs to control and detect the size. In addition, the mould needs to be designed according to the parameters of the machine. two color products are commonly used as daily necessities, such as plastic washbasins, plastic buckets, plastic flower pots, etc. The products are composed of 2 or 3 different colors of plastics. During the injection moulding process, the two color injection moulding opportunities are planned according to the set parameters Injection, so that the moulded product has different patterns.

The two color mould is a relatively advanced injection mould, which is produced using a specific two color injection moulding machine. There are two nozzles on the injection moulding machine that can directly inject two different plastics. There are now extended products on the market, such as three-color machines. Its two colors of plastic injection are on the same pair of plastic moulds. During injection, it is produced by rotating the back mould of the plastic mould. In this way, the upper and lower moulds of the plastic mould are avoided, and the product can be directly moulded, which ensures the uniformity and accuracy of the product position, and the product pass rate is very high. In terms of product production time, the two color mould can be automated, and the output of the product is relatively high.

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